Who We Are?

Glamping in Maharaja style…

The beauty of India lies in its diversity and its heart dwells in it’s villages and what can be a better treat than an authentic tour showcasing the real colors of India? Adhvanta India offers you an excellent opportunity to go for an expedition which will be once for a lifetime experience.

Adhvanta India has a professional team to ensure that every minute of your journey is worth it. It’s a perfect blend of luxury and culture, offering tented accommodations in fairs and festivals throughout the country. Most travelers get to witness just the usual aspect of India, but with us you witness to know India with it’s mask off.

A visit to rural India will give you a chance to witness firsthand the life that Indians actually live, it will not just be a drive to simplicity and Indian colors but also an escape from the hustle bustle of city life, a trip which will explain you what serenity looks like.

It showcases the beauty of India which lies in its culture, traditions, customs and diversity offering tours to Indian fairs and festival which is renowned all over the globe.

Adhvanta India team’s thorough experience in travelling throughout the country will ensure that everything that the incredible country has to offer is experienced by its guests in its most authentic form and they get to appraise minute details. It aims at promoting sustainable and authentic tourism so that every minute of your trip and every penny that you spend is completely worth it.

Providing a perfect blend of luxury and culture, you get to experience the real face of India that too in the most comfortable manner. The superb facilities that they have to offer make your stay something which will be embellished in your memory forever. How about a room with cozy beds and attached washrooms in your mesmerizing campsite, how about an adventurous journey in the day coupled with stiff linen and delicious food at night? Indeed something that takes your heart away!

Stay with Advanta India is not just another stay you take, the well organized accommodation be it religious, cultural or adventurous, every minute detail is taken care of your trip to rediscover yourself. To watchfully selected matchless locations in the mountains, deserts, jungles and unexplored countryside

Why Us


The concept of experiencing rustic outdoors without sacrificing luxury has become one of the most preferred options by travelers and Adhvanta India offers you a surrounding that lets you contemplate and introspect of your own life.

Personalized service, amazing accommodation with cozy beds and mouth watering food will make your stay memorable.

The staff there is well acquainted with the place in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on any single detail and make your stay hassle free. A perfect conclusion of the day is given by bonfire and traditional dance performance. The food is not just delectable but also hygienic and organic which aids your detoxification process the rooms are furnished with cozy beds and attached washrooms leaving no place for discomfort.

Our camping pivots on a high level of service whose main aim is the comfort of their guests. The amenities that they provide will be more than what you wished for giving you a real experience of a recreational camper. It’s the best way to relax, reinvigorate or reconnect and as we already said ‘to experience what serenity looks like!’